Instructions/Transfer Sizing

Sublimation Transfer Instruction:

-Set your HEAT PRESS ( NO HOME IRON)  to 390-400 degrees.

-Place parchment paper inside your garment.

-Make sure to use heat tape to hold your image down.( This will prevent the transfer from sliding)

-Always remember to check your transfers for any ink outside the image. Simply just cut around the image if need be.

-Cover your entire transfer with parchment paper.

-Press for 55-60 seconds. 


Sublimation Transfer Sizing:

Infant Transfers: 4 Inches

Toddler Transfers: 5 Inches

Youth Transfers: 6 Inches

Adult Transfers: 8 Inches


Eco Solvent Transfers Instructions:

- Upon arrival of transfers before pressing remove the backing (Leaving the clear carrier sheet to press onto garment).

- Set your HEATPRESS to 310 degrees.

- Press transfer onto garment for 15 Seconds.

-Peel carrier sheet off.

-Cover your entire transfer with parchment paper.

-Press for another 15 Seconds. 

Eco Solvent Transfer Sizing:

Infant Transfers:

Toddler Transfers:

Youth Transfers:

Adult Transfers:

Adult Plus Transfers: